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Why Us...

  • Texas Star HMES is committed to bringing Star service to the public and providers. We train and educate our team members in both HME and hospice.
  • We provide superior customer service in every department, from the person who answers your call to those delivering our medical equipment and supplies (our logistic technicians).
  • We want to be your medical equipment and supplies management company of choice. By partnering with you we seek to help you grow and strengthen your care program with educational in-services for your staff and your referral sources. We grow successful with a long term relationship.
  • Partnering with us, you can trust the best equipment and supplies will be delivered on time at a fair price.
  • We realize that we are a direct reflection on your program. Our goal is to compliment your service and good works by helping to enhance the caring experience for patients and families.
  • Our order entry management suite will make it easy to order and track equipment and provide everything a patient may need. Numerous reports help manage your costs, with simplified billing designed to reduce time and effort.



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